Volume Control
Weight: 0.53KG (1.2lbs) 0.55KG (1.2lbs)
Installed Depth: 2-3/4” (71mm) (0.079"-0.10.079""/0.16"” (0.079".8")) 2-1/2" (64mm) (2-1/2" (64mm))
Stereo/Mono: Stereo Stereo
Frequency Response: 35-20,000Hz 35-20,000Hz
RMS Power: 100 Watts 100 Watts
Impedance Matching: (1X,2X,4X,and 8X) (1X,2X,4X,and 8X)
Connector: Removable Connectors Removable Connectors
Accept Cable Size: Up to 14Gauge Up to 14Gauge
Steps Adjustable: 12 Step 12 Step
Included Parts: Matching knob, Decora insert, cover plate and all screws Matching slider, Decora style insert, Cover plate and all screws
Face Plate Colour: White White